Made in Italy

The entire supply chain is “made in Italy”.

ECOS is a brand that puts together productive and creative excellences from our territory.

This brand is the result coming from the mixture of craftsmanship, industrial and technological competences combined with the typical design of the Italian entrepreneurial spirit.

The silver-goldsmith craftsmanship of the Vicenza district, which distinguishes itself worldwide for its creations has been entrusted with the production of the silver and bronze components, whereas the wood production is being treated by the expert hands of the Treviso’s and Pedemontana’s wood district, whose artworks are estimated worldwide.

The digital part is being handled in cooperation with one of the most rumored studios in Europe for its brilliant achievements.

The perfect combination among the used materials, the experience of the persons involved in this project and the art and creativity in the jewels study deliver amazing creations that reflect the genuine Italian style.